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BUSINESS OWNERS: Claim Your Viral Content Kit TODAY! Get It ALL For Only $67.00 $12.95 (Yes... SAVE $54.05!) 🥳

"This is a must have for any business who wants to grow targeted followers, 
increase engagement, and boost their sales on Instagram."
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What If ALL Your Instagram 
Content For Selling 
Your Products & Growing 
Followers & Engagement Was...

What If You Got Results Like This? 🤯

Instagram growth
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
Well, Guess What...WE GOT YOU COVERED! 😎
Now you can get ALL the VIRAL Instagram content templates 
you'll ever need to grow your brand including...
  • 60 Growth Templates
  • 60 Engagement Templates
  • 60 Sales Templates
  • 60 Community Templates
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Limited Time Offer

Claim Your Viral Content Kit TODAY! 
Get It ALL For Only $67.00 $12.95 (Yes... SAVE $54.05!) 🥳
"The Viral Content Kit" is everything you NEED to have a tested and proven content strategy that helps you to build a powerful Instagram presence with a huge following, high engagement rates, and increased sales. 🤩

Why? Because you get carefully selected, ready-to-use, 100% “fill-in-the-blank” templates. These templates will help you reach your goals of a perfectly branded, inspiring, and engaging Instagram feed. 

That’s right! 😉

You get 240 templates. That's over 4 months worth of content in one kit. We also give you video templates for a variety of posts!

PLUS, everything you need for creating engaging captions with the correct hashtags!

Best of all, it frees up your time so you can focus on what you do best... it’s perfect for anyone who has a brand on Instagram that needs to sell more online. Coaches, entrepreneurs, brands, influencers, e-commerce, non profits, etc!

And for a limited time only you can grab EVERYTHING you see on this page for the low, low price of just $67.00 $12.95.

But you must act now. This marketing test ends very soon, and after that you’ll have to pay the regular price of $67.00 like everyone else. Grab it now for only $12.95 before it’s too late! 😜

Your happiness & success is our top priority! ❤️

"It's Like Having A 
Professional Graphic 
Designer & Content Strategist 
'On-Call' 24/7..."

Wouldn't it be nice if your content on Instagram just works?

But there are a few things holding you back...

😔 Your content doesn't grow your followers or sell your products.

😖 You lack a strategy that helps you stay consistent.

😕 Maybe you feel like you're wasting your time, because you've tried so many things that haven't worked.

😰 Or you're afraid you're not attracting the right customers to your page.

Here’s the thing...

😍 You deserve to have more customers & sales.

😎 You deserve to have a well-known brand and stand out from your competition on Instagram.

🤑 You deserve to enjoy the benefits for all your hard work, time, & money and have a successful thriving business.

The problem is...

You don’t have the time... or skill... to create an effective content strategy that gives you a consistent and predictable stream of new followers, customers, and sales on autopilot.

And with so much competition on Instagram these days, standing out from the crowd and growing your brand is harder than ever before.

The good news is...

"The Viral Content Kit" solves 
ALL your Instagram content problems
...almost instantly! 🎉

We've taken everything we’ve learned over the past 13+ years as digital marketers and put it all into easy to use “fill-in-the-blank” templates.

We’ve been able to figure out exactly what content works... and more importantly what doesn’t.

We’ve laid it all out for you step-by-step. Our templates are fully customizable so you can start creating branded content within minutes.

You'll never have to wonder what to put into your content to help you grow followers, increase sales, boost engagement, and build community. 

Because it's all here, in one convenient download so you can get started right away.

-Terri 🤠
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit


We provide the templates. You provide the content.
All you need is a FREE CANVA account! 
Create your viral share-worthy content in 3 simple steps.

instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

STEP 1 ☝🏾

Choose from over 240 viral feed post or story templates.
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

STEP 2 ✌🏾

Add your share-worthy content to the template.
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

STEP 3 🤟🏾

Fully customize the fonts, colors, & images to your brand. 

Our templates are Fully Customizable to fit your brand!

The Viral Content Kit works for ANY & ALL brands, the styling possibilities are endless!
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Create A Beautiful & Aesthetic Instagram Feed Instantly 😍

Here's All The Amazing 
Done-For-You Templates You 
Get Today For Just $12.95...

instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Value = $199

Template #1

Growth Templates

You get 30 unique templates to help you to grow targeted followers including designs like giveaway, viral memes and shareable quotes. 

They have been carefully selected to increase your reach and visibility, which will help you grow your ideal audience on Instagram. 🤝

Template #2

Sales Templates

Stop posting pictures of your products and hoping that customers will buy. We strategically designed our templates to help your product stand out using the top sales techniques on Instagram. From product how-tos, to customer reviews, you'll be able to promote your products in a more unique and valuable way. Results? More sales! 🤑

You get 30 unique templates to help you generate sales on Instagram. 
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Value = $199

instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Value = $199

Template #3

Engagement Templates

Boost your engagement rate and turn your followers to loyal fans. 😍

You get 30 unique templates to help increase your overall engagement. Use these templates to create more activity on your posts, ie... likes, comments, saves, and shares. 

Template #4

Community Templates

Did you know that the interacting with your followers in a meaningful way is one of the keys to success on Instagram? 🤔 

We got you covered, these templates were specially designed to help you genuinely connect with your followers and build brand advocates. You get 30 unique templates to help you build your community on Instagram. 
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit

Value = $199

But Wait, That's Not All!
You Also Get...

instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
You ALSO get all of our viral "done-for-you" templates in story format too! 
Now you'll never have to worry about what to post to your feed or story again.
These are designed to keep your audiences attention and help you stand out against your competition. 🥳

Value = $796

Your Special FREE 

instagram hashtags

Value = $199

Bonus #1

Instagram Hashtag Set

Did you know that hashtags are one of the key ways to grow your brand on Instagram? Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of not using this free & simple growth hack. 😵

That’s why we have done the work for you by curating a list of highly engaged hashtags that are working right now. We have over 70 different businesses to choose from; women’s fashion, fitness, makeup, and skincare, etc. 

Bonus #2

Content 101 Masterclass

Discover how to create valuable, relevant, and viral content for your brand with this comprehensive masterclass.

You’ll learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know on how to create a viral content strategy that gives you results. We also include a workbook to help reinforce your training PLUS A BONUS Content Idea Board. You get endless examples to inspire you and show you the type of content that’s working right now on Instagram.
instagram content strategy

Value = $199

instagram caption strategy

Value = $199

Bonus #3

Caption 101 Masterclass

Your caption can make or break your content. Why spend all this time creating beautiful viral content only to fall short with the caption?

Thankfully, in our Caption Strategy masterclass, we teach you the art of the caption. You’ll learn everything there is to know on how to create captions that help you increase visibility, boost engagement, connect with your followers, and generate sales. 🤓

Included, is a comprehensive training workbook, PLUS A BONUS Content Planner Template to help you stay organized and plan out your monthly content schedule.

Bonus #4

30 Day Value Content Plan

It’s not enough to have high converting content. How you schedule out your content matters too.

We’ve removed all the confusion on how to post your content, by providing you with a plan that organizes your viral content into a monthly schedule. This plan focuses on creating value and connection with your followers. It will help you use your viral content kit in the most impactful way. 😎
instagram content plan

Value = $Priceless

But wait, what is a viral content template? 

Watch this video to get 12 sample templates for free!

Frequently Asked 

What exactly is the The Viral Content Kit?
"The Viral Content Kit" is a collection of 240 "done-for-you" templates to help you grow targeted followers, boost engagement, increase sales, and build community. 

You get over 4 months worth of Instagram content in both story and feed format. PLUS you get a masterclass on content and captions to help you take your content to the next level with insider tips. We also give you a content schedule and over 70 different hashtag combinations for the top e-commerce industries.

Simply load the templates into your Free Canva account, add a few details about your brand and then you're ready to go!
Will The Viral Content Kit Work For My Business?
Absolutely, first our templates are fully customizable to fit any brand. It works for coaches, entrepreneurs, brand, influencers, e-commerce, non profits, etc! All you need is a Free Canva account. No need for fancy and expensive graphic design software. Our growth, engagement, sales, and community templates fit any industry and you customize the information to fit your products and brand. Please note that some graphics are from a premium Canva account and can simply be swapped out with a free graphic.
Who Is "The Viral Content Kit” For?
The "The Viral Content Kit” is specially designed for anyone who has a brand on Instagram to sell their products. It’s great for people who want to show up consistently, but are limited on time and resources. Instead of wasting hundreds of hours figuring out what to post and designing content, all you have to do is download these ready-made templates and implement them. 
What If "The Viral Content Kit" Design Isn’t Quite My Style?
All elements of our template are 100% customizable — fonts, colors, images, all of it. Simply upload your brand fonts, colors, and products into your Free Canva account and instantly re-design the templates to match your brand design. We also provide you with a how-to video in the instruction manual that comes with your purchase. Please note that some graphics are from a premium Canva account and can simply be swapped out with a free graphic.
Will "The Viral Content Kit” Work On Other Social Media Sites?
YES! In Canva all you have to do is simply hit their resize option, select the social media platform and it will resize the templates for you. Our strategies for growth, community, engagement, and sales works across all social media sites. 
Can I Resell "The Viral Content Kit"
Our kit is NOT for resell or unauthorized use. You cannot:
-Sell, loan, or give away "The Viral Content Kit” or free bonuses, or allow a third party to use them in any way
-Claim the templates, designs, copy or any of the elements as your own
How Do I Get Help If There's Issues With My Purchase?
We're here to help you succeed! Simply email us anytime at support@theigaclub.com we will respond within 24 hours.
When Do I Get Access To All The Files And Bonuses?
You will receive instant access to all of the material. Once you finish checking out, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access your purchase. All of the content is organized into their specific category so you can easily get started right away. 
Why Is It Only $12.95?
The price for "The Viral Content Kit" is normally $67.00... BUT as part of a pre-launch marketing campaign to gather testimonials, We're giving it away for the special price of just $12.95 USD. We can't afford to sell it at this price for long, so grab it now while you still can!
What's Your Guarantee & Refund Policy?
We know that you're going to love it, because it was made with love! Due to the nature of digital products we do not offer refunds.

Meet Your New Business BFF! 😎

instagram marketer

Founder of The IGA Club


With over 13+ years of digital marketing experience I have helped thousands of brands all over the world 🌎 grow targeted followers, increase sales, boost engagement, and build their community

Everyday, I see so many people struggling to bring their business to life on Instagram®. They waste so much time & energy to get little to no results. 😢 

AND I've been there. I was constantly stuck and struggling to make sales. I had to figure out & learn everything on my own.

That's when I discovered the power of Instagram® and made over $1 million and spent no money on paid ads to get started! 

But it’s not because I'm special or because I got lucky in some kind of random, once-in-a-lifetime way...

It’s because I discovered a simple, repeatable, and ridiculously powerful strategy for turning followers into paying customers quickly to grow your business, with little to no money to start.

This is why I created Followers 2 Sales™. I made it my mission to help other businesses (like you!) do the same thing without the struggle. 

With a personal Instagram® following over 30,000 (grown casually & organically) my goal is to help you leverage Instagram® industry secrets so you too can create an awesome community, build an audience of raving fans, grow your business, and create a lifestyle of more freedom and flexibility.

Here's A Quick Recap Of 
For Just $67.00
$12.95 Today...

instagram E-Commerce Viral Content Kit
  • 60 Growth Feed Templates ($199 Value)
  • ​60 Engagement Feed Templates ($199 Value)
  • ​60 Sales Feed Templates ($199 Value)
  • ​60 Community Feed Templates ($199 Value)
  • ​60 Growth Story Templates ($199 Value)
  • ​60 Engagement StoryTemplates ($199 Value)
  • 60 Sales Story Templates ($199 Value)
  • 60 Community Story Templates ($199 Value)
  • Bonus #1 Instagram Hashtag Set ($199 Value)
  • ​Bonus #2 Content 101 Masterclass + Workbook ($199 Value)
  • ​Bonus #3 Caption 101 Masterclass + Workbook ($199 Value)
  • ​Bonus #4 30 Day Value Content Plan ($Priceless)


Hurry, Special Discount Offer Ends Soon!

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